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What makes a Golfer?

"You are what you think”

The SADGA philosophy teaches members that the ultimate and primary goal for golfers on- and off the course should be to strengthen one’s character – regardless of your disability. Just like the golf swing, it may not come easy…

Golf professionals seem to universally agree that you should visualise the "perfect ball flight" before contact is ever made. This is based on the complex yet simple theory that the body performs what the mind creates.

By joining the SADGA community, we will help you to exercise your mind in order to sustain positive and productive thought patterns that you can use in your day-to-day life.

We teach our players that a good way to think about mental strength is to imagine yourself as invincible or resistant to desperation and negativity, and strong enough in mind and spirit to conquer any situation you put your mind to.

You have the skills. Now you must practice them

As a member of SADGA we will show you that carrying your new-found golf game mental patterns (confidence, self respect, and strength of character) into your daily life are essential. Telling yourself things like: "well hit," "well struck," "nice putt," "good try," or, "at least I'm still enjoying myself", will enhance your mental game, which is essential to patterning your mind with good positive thoughts.

Now you need to practice and exercise these attributes to sustain and access them in times of need. 

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