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Welcome to South African Disabled Golf Association

Welcome to South African Disabled Golf Association

Look into the mirror – Do you see a Golfer?

SADGA is not about people with disabilities. It is about ‘being a golfer’: The community, the sense of belonging, the drive, the passion, the motivation, the team spirit… That is what SADGA gives to people who happen to have a physical handicap.  

Regardless of your physical or sensory disability, it’s your character on the golf course that mirrors your behaviour in life. At SADGA we strongly believe that golf builds character which can be an asset to successful lives – with or without a mental or physical handicap. Good handshakes, honest scoring, playing by the rules, and kind words of encouragement are just a few of the behaviours that we entrench in our young players and encourage in our top golfers.

In addition, we also want to encourage a variety of communities to endorse these qualities and truly understand what it means be part of this community.


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