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First Swing Program

Probably one of our biggest successes at SADGA so far, (and the one we are most proud of) is our First Swing Program. The First Swing Program is a series of clinics at participating schools across South Africa for disabled children and youth - focusing not only on golf but on rehabilitation through golf as well.

The program is designed to introduce disabled children to golf; and through golf to vital life skills and broad exposure to golf related industries such as the hospitality, golf course management and PR industries.

What it means

  • Children with physical disabilities receive golf coaching and are given the chance to participate in different golf events.
  • Children with severe, physical disabilities that would never be able to play a round of golf on a regulation golf course are also taught the basics of golf in order to enhance muscle movement and to get a chance to enjoy an outdoor sport activity. We encounter children that cannot take part in any other sport because of the severity of their disability, but because golf, at the stage where they take part in, is not very physical, the result is that we have children that can take part in a sport for the first time – a feat that is very, very important to them.
  • A golf career guidance programme where SADGA brings the children in contact with various career opportunities in golf.

Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Modified Golf

SADGA found a growing need and request from our participating schools for a new level in our program to be introduced: Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Modified Golf. 

We now have 3 levels (Level 1,2,3) covering Therapeutic Modified Golf for the Disabled as well as two more Levels (Level 4 & 5) for the more advanced golfers.

Each level will consist of either or both = Sensory (Blind and Deaf) as well as Physically Disabled, including both Adults and Juniors.

Level 1

For severely disabled Juniors who cannot leave the school for sport. SADGA will bring the sport to them by setting up modified golf environments in the schools hall.

Level 2

For the slightly less severe which will take place on school fields and putting greens where possible.

Level 3

For Juniors that can complete 9 holes of regular golf and/or complete a mashie course.

Level 4

For golfers who have managed to get a SAGA (SA Golf Association) official golf handicap and will take part in the SA Disabled Golf Open.

Level 5

For the most talented golfers who have single figure SAGA official golf handicaps and who will compete Nationally and Internationally.



North West Province
  • North West Province

    Watch this space for upcoming Schools


  • Limpopo

    Orangedene GC


    Godfrey Baloyi

  • Mpumalanga

    watch this space for upcoming schools

Northern Cape
  • Northern Cape

    watch this space for upcoming schools

  • Ekurhuleni

    watch this space for upcoming schools

  • Border

    watch this space for upcoming schools

  • KwaZulu-Natal

    Sandile Msimango

    Anton Steyn

    First Swing Programs
    RP Moodley
    Mason Lincoln
    Open Air

    Coach Anton Steyn 
    Weekly Level 4 Group Sessions at Cato Ridge GC
    Kwathintwa School Group A
    Kwathintwa School Group B

    St Christophers


    Emil Maehler

    Jabu Price Moore

Eastern Province
  • Eastern Province

    Head Coach
    Graeme Whales

    Assistant Coaches
    Sean Lottering
    Tyler Watt

    First Swing Programs 
    Reubin Birin School 
    Lonwabo School
    Cape Recife School
    Cheshire Home

    Weekly Level 4 Group Sessions at Port Elizabeth GC

Free State / Northern Cape
  • Bloemfontein

    Head Coach
    Jaco Neethling

    First Swing Programs
    Martie Du Plessis L 1

    Martie Du Plessis L 2

    Weekly Level 4 Group Sessions at Tempe GC

    School Leavers - Thuesday & Fridays


    Enrique Van Wyk

    Jaco Lumley


    New Deaf  - 2016

Western Province
  • Cape Town

    Head Coach
    Benjamin Minnie

    Asstants - Daren Hanekom and Charles Williams

    ASTRA Level 1-2, Rushdi Sylvestor, Doreen and Ben Africa,

    First Swing Programs
    Astra School Group A
    Astra School Group B
    Astra School Group C
    Eros School
    Filia School
    Paarl School
    Noluthando Group A
    Noluthando Group B

    Dominican School

    Swing Fit Weekly Sessions for Level 4-5 Golfers

  • Worcestor

    De La Bat - College - Currently Close

    Daren Hanekom

    Clive Beukes

    First Swing Programs
    Eden School for the Disabled
    De La Bat School
    Blind Institute - Institute for the blind
    Nuwe Hoop
    Weekly Level 4 Group Sessions at Riverside & Worcestor GC

Southern Cape
  • George

    Head Coach
    Carlo Kok

    First Swing Programs
    Carpe Diem A
    Carpe Diem B
    Weekly Level 4 Group Sessions at the Golf course


  • Central Gauteng

    Head Coach: 
    Andrew Corthing


    Carmia Van Wyk

    June Nichol School

    First Swing Programs
    WesRand School Boys
    WesRand School Girls
    Hope School
    Weekly Level 4 Group Sessions at the Golf course
    Level 5 Training
    FSP Coaches Training
    St Vincent School for the deaf

  • Gauteng North

    Head Coach
    Willie Van Zyl

    Assistant Coach
    Mishack Ramakgofu

    First Swing Programs
    Alma Group A
    Alma Group B
    Alma Group C
    Alma Group D
    Filadelfia School for the Deaf


    Carmia Van Wyk

    Princehof School

    Pretoria School - Group 1

    Pretoria School - Group 2


    Elsabe Hefer


    Joliam Momberg

    Christiaan Maasdorp

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